8-day experiential trip to Puglia - We Will Go


8-day experiential trip to Puglia

from € 1219



8-day experiential trip to Puglia

from € 1219


In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) this tour took extra safety and hygiene measures.

8-day experiential trip to Puglia


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Turi - Alberobello - Bari - Polignano - Cursi - Otranto - Lecce - Salento



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What is it about?

Puglia is a magical place. It hides many secrets, but those who know where to look can find a multifaceted, rare and precious jewel. There are so many faces of this region, all waiting to be discovered! Thanks to this tour you can experience every side of it, crossing it far and wide and appreciating what it has to offer.

You will live unparalleled experiences. You will discover the most ancient traditions of the peasants of Alberobello, who lived in the characteristic houses with conical tips, and those of the oil producers in the underground oil mills of Salento. You will taste the food and wine delicacies of the area in Locorotondo and enjoy the renowned pasticciotto in the magnificent location of Lecce.

You will get to know the stories of cities as close as they are different, such as Bari and Gallipoli, both of ancient origins and rich in history. You will experience the thrill of cycling through the countryside of Otranto, dotted with olive groves, and ploughing through the crystal-clear waters of Polignano, admiring its jagged coastline and appreciating its beauty.

It will be a daydream... don't miss it!

Because you will love this tour:

  • You will stay overnight in two different traditional Apulian farmhouses, surrounded by history and tradition. Surrounded by the Apulian countryside, watching the view from your room window will transport you to a world of endless relaxation.
  • All the facilities you will stay in are equipped with every comfort.
  • You will visit many towns in Puglia, all different from each other: each of them will allow you to live a different experience among history, culture, traditions and food and wine.

Is this the right tour for you?

  • The means of transport we recommend is a car, to be hired on arrival in Apulia. (We can help you!)
  • Overnight stays in the city are not planned. (We avoid proposing large hotel chains to give the destination uniqueness and authenticity).
  • In order to allow you to visit both the Apulian hinterland and the Salento peninsula, you will need to make a change of accommodation: we have selected two Apulian masserie (farmhouses) for you that preserve the atmosphere of rural tradition.


Turi - The masseria

Day 1 - details



On arrival at Bari (or Brindisi) airport, you will head to the Hotel Relais "Antica Masseria" (or similar), where you will be greeted with a welcome drink.

In the evening a tasty dinner awaits you on the farm, prepared with carefully selected seasonal products.

Alberobello - The magic of the trulli

Day 2 - details






After breakfast on the farm, you will depart for Alberobello. Here, a certified local guide will accompany you on your discovery of this extraordinary town, characterised by its ancient conical dry-stone dwellings, the trulli, considered a UNESCO heritage site. You will be surrounded by small shops selling handmade and local objects and textiles and by characteristic inns where you can taste traditional products.

Lunch is not included, but we can recommend a menu based on seasonal and local products in one of the many roller restaurants in the city centre.

In the afternoon you will head for Locorotondo, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, perched on a hilltop with its small white houses reflecting the Apulian sunlight. Vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see all around the town and it is in this fertile countryside that the fine wine of the same name is produced. In this breathtaking scenery you will have a sublime tasting experience: an aperitif with wine and local dishes, directly in the terraced vineyard with a view of the Itria Valley, seated on hay bales.

Bari - The pilgrim

Day 3 - details





Breakfast on the farm will give you the impetus to reach Bari. In front of the majestic Swabian Castle, an expert guide dressed as a 13th-century Nicolasan pilgrim will be waiting for you, ready to tell you about the history of the city. You will experience a real journey through time, in an unusual medieval Bari, among tales and legends.

Lunch is free.

In the afternoon, you can stroll through the shopping streets of Puglia's capital, in the Murattiano district, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the seafront.

In the evening you will return to the Hotel Relais "Antica Masseria" (or similar), where you will be pampered with a mouth-watering dinner.

Polignano - The sea caves

Day 4 - details






Before setting off on a new day of adventure you will need to pack your bags, as this day will see your last breakfast at the Hotel Relais "Antica Masseria" and transfer to your second host property on this trip in the evening.

In the morning you will reach Polignano a Mare and enjoy the magnificent experience of a boat tour to discover the sea caves. A crystal-clear sea and rock embroidered with impressive cavities carved by the sea are the hallmarks of Polignano a Mare, known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'.

Afterwards, an aperitif of traditional Apulian specialities awaits you at a typical restaurant.

Lunch is free.

After lunch it's time for relaxation and shopping. The birthplace of the singer Domenico Modugno, who became famous with his song "Nel blu dipinto di blu", Polignano is fascinating with its historic centre full of Arab, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman traces, such as the remains of the four defence towers that encircled the old part of the town.

At the end of the day, you will reach the "Masseria Bosco" or similar for an overnight stay. You will be welcomed with a tasting of home-made wine and traditional products.

Cursi - The oil mill

Day 5 - details





After breakfast on the farm, you will leave for Cursi for a journey into the womb of the earth, inside an ancient underground oil mill, entirely dug by hand and dating back to 1600, well preserved and the first case of innovative technological restoration. You will immerse yourself in the hypogeal atmosphere, illuminated only by oil lanterns recovered on site and reproduced according to the ancient rule of art, you will wear VR visors to live an "immersive" experience.

A special cultural moment, in which technology is reunited with the history of our land and restores the flavour of the sacrifice and hard work at the basis of the most important economic activity in Salento in the past, the production and trade of lampante oil.

This will be followed by a tasting in the garden, based on typical Salento products and excellent local wine.

The morning will end with a pleasant walk in the nearby quarry of pietra leccese, a very ductile limestone with exceptional characteristics: it is soft and easy to work, which is why it is the mother of Lecce Baroque.

In the afternoon you will reach Gallipoli for a guided tour of the historic centre. The old town, perched on a limestone island, is connected to the mainland and the new town by a 20th century arched bridge, recently joined by another bridge towards the port. The walls, bastions and towers, which once protected the town from invaders, now shelter it from storm surges, giving it an old-world charm.

At the authentic fish market, located in the original moat of the imposing castle, you can enjoy an appetising aperitif of fresh seafood, accompanied by a glass of excellent prosecco.

Otranto - Bike tour

Day 6 - details





After breakfast at the masseria your destination for the day is Otranto. Starting from Porta Alfonsina, one of the oldest gates of the city, you will experience a guided bike tour to discover the Otranto hinterland, the best preserved part of Salento.

On your way up the Idro valley, you will visit an ancient Byzantine crypt and then stop at the "le Costantine" Foundation where the art of traditional weaving is practised. You will then cross the "megalithic garden" of Giurdignano, dotted with dolmens and menhirs.

At lunchtime, you can sample local products at one of the best bakeries in the province at Specchia Gallone.

In the early afternoon you will reach Porto Badisco, with its calm, sheltered bay. After a swim (weather permitting), you will return to Otranto, along one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline, with a visit to the Punta Palascìa lighthouse and the bauxite lake.

After returning to "Masseria Bosco" (or similar), you will have dinner at a local farmhouse.

Lecce - The Baroque

Day 7 - details




The day will begin with a hearty breakfast at the masseria, followed by a visit to Lecce, the "Florence of the South". A certified guide will be waiting for you to tell you about the wonders and brilliance of Baroque. Here you will be able to admire Piazza Sant'Oronzo, considered to be the living room of Lecce, with the Roman Amphitheatre and the harmonious Palazzetto del Sedile, and then the many churches including the Basilica of Santa Croce.

This will be followed by a tasting of pasticciotto and Lecce coffee, mixed with almond syrup, at an old pastry shop in the historic centre.

On the way back to "Masseria Bosco" (or similar) you will have dinner and enjoy a wonderful performance of Salento's pizzica.

Salento - End

Day 8 - details



Today will be your last breakfast at 'Masseria Bosco', after which you will leave for Bari (or Brindisi) airport for your return journey.

The fee includes

Aperitif on board

Augmented reality (VR) aid



Tasting of typical products

Welcome drink

Boat rental

Bicycle hire

Overnight stay

French-language service

English language service

Italian language service

German language service

Spanish language service

Private guided tour

Shared guided tour


The price does not include


Tourist taxes

Shared transport

Private transport

What to do

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