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Grotta della Poesia: a must-see destination in Salento

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Puglia is full of beautiful beaches that deserve to be seen. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a local guide who can show us such natural wonders, but by browsing through the itineraries on this blog, it is possible to organise an excursion to discover this area and the legendary Grotta della Poesia, one of the most sensational natural pools in the world.

It is a magical place, not only extremely beautiful and relaxing, but also absolutely interesting thanks to its history and the legend that justifies its name... This place is particularly popular with young people as it allows spectacular dives from a height of about 5 metres.

The name of the cave derives from the Greek word "posià", a term used in antiquity to indicate a cave where it was possible to drink fresh water, as it seems that in the past there was a fresh water spring inside the cavity. The Grotta delle Poesie has a smaller twin sister, just 60 metres away and connected to the main one by an underground passage. Both have become natural swimming pools following the collapse of the ceiling due to the action of karst phenomena.

What makes this place so special, apart from its extraordinary and undisputed beauty, is the discovery of important inscriptions of Messapian, Greek and Latin origin on its walls. Thanks to these inscriptions, researchers have discovered the original function of the cave: it was a place of worship of the god Taotor.

A legend has spread among the locals that provides an alternative explanation for the origin of the name. The legend tells of a beautiful princess who loved to bathe in the clear waters of the cave. Men of intellect from the county came to the cave to admire the beautiful young woman and to get into her good graces by dedicating poetic verses to her. Hence the name: Cave of Poems.

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